Marissa L

Dr. Britto is simply the best! The end!

Christina D

From our first interaction, Dr. Britto and his team hit it out of the park in every area that is important to me. Customer Service is exemplary. We feel like family when we're at Dr. Britto's office, a well loved family. I have never had to wait once when we have checked in for an appointment. The staff is very efficient and on time! Everyone is happy including patients, parents, staff and Dr. Britto. His practice is very easy to work with and are available electronically via email, phone and face to face. I wish all my doctors visits were like Dr. Britto, pleasant, efficient and productive. It is exciting to see my child's straight smile emerge in such a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Dr. Britto to anyone looking for an Orthodontist.

Mrs. Blackshaw

Casey's teeth look awesome! She went through a lot with the MARA appliacne and full braces for two years, but she adjusted well and the outcome was amazing! We all love Dr. Britto- both of our kids did their braces with him- he is just great, very caring and he wanted everything to be perfect.

Jessica F.

As an adult patient, I was really nervous about getting braces, but Dr. Britto encouraged me to go for the look I had always wanted. Even though I had some serious issues with my teeth, there has been such a transformation that everyone notices and tells me how great I look! I would happily do it all over again!

Vicki M

We had seen another orthodontist but were putting off getting started. Good friends told us about Dr. Britto and were so enthusiastic about him, we went to see him. Our kids suddenly got very excited about braces and have always looked forward to their appointments! We have always felt welcomed and well cared for. We continue to send our friends to Dr. Britto and all of them have just loved him!

Linda W

I grew up with terribly crooked teeth and I never would smile. People didn’t get braces back then, so I just suffered. I came to see Dr. Britto and he encouraged me that it was not too late! I cried when the braces came off – my teeth are beautiful. I am learning to smile broadly, for the first time in my life. I would do all I could to encourage someone else to get orthodontic treatment and would highly recommend that they call Britto Orthodontics!

Sharon K

I had been to three other orthodontists, but they had all recommended that I have teeth pulled. Dr. Britto gave me a treatment plan that did not require that I lose any teeth. Dr. Britto and the entire team were always friendly, professional and accommodating to my schedule. It’s been two years since I finished treatment and I am just thrilled with the results!

Cathleen H

Dr. Britto always made us feel like we were the most important patients he ever had! Even when the office was very busy and lots of other people were there, he was always warm, personable, and friendly.

Anne M

My son was thrilled that his teeth turned out the way they did. Dr. Britto made his teeth look just like the models in the consult room! I can’t wait to get started in treatment myself!

Peggy S

My teeth were horrible – I was so self conscious. I had been to other orthodontists who told me that my case was difficult and would take 36 months. I got very lucky when I found Dr. Britto! He first estimated it would take 36 months also, but he was willing to work with me to finish as soon as was possible. I travel extensively for my work and was able to be seen by Dr. Britto whenever I was in town. I needed laser gum surgery in addition to braces and Dr. Britto coordinated my treatment with another specialist, so that everything went smoothly. With my determination and Dr. Britto’s help and encouragement, I got my braces off in 21 months! My experience couldn’t have been more positive and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! My confidence really grew and I was able to get a great new job! Dr. Britto and everyone in the office celebrated with me - we had cake!” I would highly recommend Britto Orthodontics to anyone!!

Edwin M

Dr. Britto is one of the best and the most professional individuals I have ever encountered. My dental treatment with him went very well and exceeded all my expectations. I had a tooth out of place which diminished my overall confidence and prevented me from smiling. After my initial consultation with Dr. Britto, he indicated that my particular situation was a unique one that he hadn't encountered before but he assured me that it was possible to fix my problem and give me my smile back. I started college shortly after I commenced my treatment with doctor Britto. My school was about 4 hours away from Dr. Britto's facility so whenever I had an appointment, Dr. Britto and his staff were so flexible with me and gave me an appointment that suited my school schedule. There were times where I had been late to an appointment due to traffic or traveling from a long distance and doctor Britto still treated me and never showed any signs of frustration. I felt so comfortable whenever I was there, his staff were all so professional and friendly and always willing to help out. After my treatment with Dr. Britto, I regained my confidence and smiled like I never did before. I would whole hardheartedly recommend him to any one regardless of age

Phillip Q

I give Britto Orthodontics 2 thumbs up and if I had more thumbs to give I would give more if I could. The staff was excellent I would recommend them to anyone of my friends or family. The best feeling in the world was getting my braces off, I would really like to thank Dr. Britto and his staff for making my smile shine. I need to make an excuse to come back!

Kristen P

Dr. Britto, I had an awesome experience here! I was a different patient that most because of my arthritis and I’m amazed at how amazing my teeth looked! You cared so much about me and my teeth and I’ll never forget how you are the BEST ORTHODONTIST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!

Shekeka P

Dr. Britto & Staff: This is my second time as an adult wearing braces. I am truly pleased with the results of my beautiful smile. I no longer have to cover my mouth to laugh out loud. You helped restore my confidence and exceeded all expectations of customer service. I will recommend you to everyone I know, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sana S

Thank you Dr. Britto for my beautiful teeth! Your patience, friendliness, professionalism and genuine care have made this a very rewarding experience! Thank you so much! Many thanks also go to the tender, loving care of you staff. Good Job

Rachel C

I'm so glad I was able to have my braces experience at Dr. Britto's. I'm so happy with my smile, I can't stop smiling on and on.

Anne H

Everyone here is totally dedicated to making people comfortable and making teeth perfectly straight. I always felt free to ask Dr. Britto any of my questions and he took time to listen and answer them clearly.