A Few Tips to Ease Soreness After Braces Tightening

Experiencing a little soreness after your braces have been tightened is not uncommon. While each person’s mouth is different, fortunately, most only feel a mild, achy pressure that will subside within a day or two. Moreover, as you are in braces longer, the quicker your discomfort will resolve itself after each tightening. No need to fret though, there are several things that you can do to help if your mouth is feeling at all sore. Here is some advice from Dr. Denis Britto at Britto Orthodontics that can help ease your discomfort:

Stick to Soft Foods

Soft foods like mashed potatoes and applesauce are great options when you are experiencing any mouth discomfort. When you initially get your braces, soft foods are a great option for the first couple of days. Then, on each day that you go in for a tightening, it is smart to stick to a soft food diet.

Wax Up!

Your orthodontist’s office gives you wax for a reason! You can use this wax to cover a bracket or hook that’s rubbing or causing any discomfort. Don’t be stingy with it! And, never hesitate to ask your orthodontist for more wax if you run out.

Over the Counter Relief

Over-the-counter pain relievers such as Advil, Aleve, and Ibuprofen may be taken to help alleviate any pain or discomfort. Please consult the directions on the back of the bottle or your general practitioner for safe dosage amounts and instructions. If these pain relievers are not proving to be effective, contact your orthodontist to see what other suggestions they may have.

Keep Your Hands Away

While it can be tempting, don’t pick at your braces. Playing with and potentially damaging any of the hardware in your mouth can greatly increase your treatment time. You can always schedule an appointment with your orthodontist to resolve any appliance or hardware that’s bothering you.

Braces are a great way to get the smile of your dreams! Most of the discomfort that you experience with braces is during the beginning of treatment, so don’t get discouraged if you feel a fair amount of discomfort in the beginning. It will get better, and it’s worth it for the smile that you will have at the end of treatment. As always, never hesitate to contact our office with any questions or concerns about your discomfort or treatment!